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We are mindful of our community's health and safety

and are pleased to offer online therapy throughout California.

Please reach out so we can support you during this challenging time.


Mental Health & Wellness

Therapy for Infertility, Pregnancy Loss, Pregnancy, and Postpartum

Therapy to Help You on Your Reproductive Journey

Are you struggling with the emotional toll caused by pregnancy loss or infertility?​

Perhaps you are pregnant or a new parent coping with depression or anxiety.

Did you have a tough pregnancy, birth, or NICU experience?

Maybe you are adjusting to a significant change in your life, a loss, a move, a graduation, or a transition in a relationship.

Or are you just feeling lost and need some assistance navigating the ups and downs of life?​

We're glad you have found us. We can help.

If You're Ready To...

• Feel less alone

• Feel more hopeful

• Feel like yourself again

...Then Let's Talk!

Infertility &

Pregnancy Loss

When it's hard to get pregnant or stay pregnant


When pregnancy isn't giving you that glowing feeling

Birth Complications/ Trauma

When giving birth didn't go how you'd hoped


When being a parent is harder than you expected

We Specialize In

Have some questions first? Please feel free to reach out to us here or email us directly at Info@ReproductiveTherapy.com