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Birth Complications & Trauma

When giving birth didn't go how you'd hoped or planned

newborn baby foot with hospital bracelet

Nothing went according to plan. The scenes replay over and over in your mind and it’s hard to push them away. Bad memories pop up out of nowhere, you’re having nightmares, and certain sounds or smells bring you right back to the delivery room. You are constantly on high alert and worried about something happening to your baby. You’re supposed to be grateful that your baby is healthy and that you made it through, but it’s hard to focus on the positives. 


You cringe or change the subject when friends and family want to hear your birth story. Maybe it’s all a blur and you feel disconnected from the experience entirely. If your baby was taken to the NICU, you have a whole other set of memories, sounds, and smells that remind you of that place.


Our therapists at Reproductive Mental Health and Wellness specialize in working with individuals and couples who have experienced pregnancy complications and birth trauma. We are here to help you understand and work through these difficult feelings, build strategies to feel better, break free of the bad memories, and reclaim your birth story.


You don’t have to be in this alone. You deserve support. Contact us to set up your first session.

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