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When it's hard to get pregnant

Woman grimacing while looking at a pregnancy test.

Month after month you dutifully pee on a stick, hold your breath, and then … nothing. In the meantime, it seems that everyone around you is showing off their growing baby bumps and posting cute pregnancy announcements. 


You are tired of hearing everyone’s advice and stories; you think you’ll explode if you hear “just relax” and “my aunt’s neighbor swears by this fertility supplement” one more time. 


Maybe you’ve tried rounds of IUI or IVF with only sore injection sites, and a new vocabulary of acronyms to show for it (so tired of TTC, 2WW, POAS, and BFN!). Or perhaps you are contemplating the use of donor eggs or sperm, surrogacy, or adoption.


You have worked so hard to do everything right and don’t understand why your body can’t do this one thing. 


Even sex has become a chore with scheduling timed intercourse (or avoiding it altogether) around procedures. You can’t talk to your friends or family about this—you just feel so broken and isolated. 


Our therapists at Reproductive Mental Health and Wellness have specialized training in working with individuals and couples who are having a hard time getting pregnant. Several of us have been through this ourselves. We are here to help you understand and work through these difficult feelings, feel less overwhelmed by the process, and bring hope and excitement back to family building. And if you’re getting to a point where living child-free may seem to be the best option, we are here to support you through this as well.


You don’t have to be in this alone. You deserve support. Contact us to set up your first session.

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