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When parenting is overwhelming

woman holding phone against ear with shoulder, holding baby in one hand, while pulled by child

Before kids, you were the perfect parent. You had lots of great ideas of how you’d get down to their eye level, speak calmly, and invite cooperation. There would be little to no screen time, and all of their toys would be educational. 
But now you’re a parent. Trying to work, parent, be a partner, maintain a household, and are barely keeping it together.
You’re suddenly a yeller, feeling overwhelmed, and out of strategies. You want to do things differently than your parents did, but you have no idea how. There’s no instruction manual and you don’t even know where to start.
Our therapists at Reproductive Mental Health and Wellness have lots of experience in working with parents. We have training in positive parenting techniques and many of us are parents ourselves. We are here to support you through challenges that come up in your daily life as a parent, and teach you some of the strategies that have been helpful for us as parents and for parents we’ve worked with.
You don’t have to be in this alone. You deserve support. Contact us to set up your first session.

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